VCA and other safety exams

Pontifex Certificatie is an independent examination bureau specialized in safety. We offer VCA and other safety exams in The Netherlands and abroad.

Exams possible nationally & internationally

Always including digital diploma & card

Exams possible 7 days a week

For urgent cases: diploma within 24 hours

Guaranteed the next working day in CDR

The largest provider of VCA exams in NL

API-connection possible

About us

Pontifex Certificatie is an independent examination bureau specialized in safety. We started in 2000 and have since grown to be a national expert in examination and certification. With our team of business managers, safety experts, educationalists, and IT-specialists we can organize and develop exams in various fields.

We are accredited by SSVV, Dekra, DNV / SVWOH, ATCN and SOOB / STL. We are also ISO 9001-certified and part of the Dutch Association for Exams (Nederlandse Vereniging voor Examens).

Use of vouchers

Are you registering multiple candidates for an open exam? Then our voucher system might be something for you. With this, you get a discount and it is more cost-effective. Inquire about the possibilities.

Become a partner

Do you order exams with us regularly? It might be good to become a partner and use MijnPontifex. With our unique exam portal you can easily add, delete and move exams or candidates, look up the score directly after the exam and download digital diploma’s and cards.

Exam locations

Every month, an open exam is held at 60 exam locations throughout the Netherlands. You can easily register yourself or your employee(s) for this. Of course, it is also possible for companies to provide the theory exams in-company – even abroad. We are experienced in organizing exams throughout Europe.

Other safety exams

VCA exam costs

VCA stands for Safety, Health, and Environment Checklist Contractors. With a VCA diploma, you demonstrate that you can handle potentially dangerous situations and are aware of (hidden) risks. This contributes to a safer working environment!

The costs of an open B-VCA, VOL VCA, and VIL VCU exam are (excl. VAT):

The same rates apply for read-aloud exams. No extra charges apply for this.

The VCA exam system is a service of SSVV. A VCA diploma can only be issued by an SSVV-recognized exam center if passed and is only valid if registered in the CDR. Pontifex Certification organizes these exams and is responsible for the exam process. 

More information

Read-aloud exams

If a candidate has difficulty reading, it’s good to know that B-VCA exams in many languages are also available as read-aloud variants. The candidate receives a headset from the exam supervisor and can have all questions and answers read aloud by the computer. For this type of exam, there is an extra 15 minutes (total of 75 minutes). The read-aloud exam is not available for VOL VCA and VIL VCU. There are no extra charges.

Practice exams

Want to start your exam well-prepared? Check out our free practice exams.

Book and e-book

The e-book is available in Dutch and English for B-VCA and VOL VCA. For VIL VCU, the e-book is only available in Dutch. The e-book is available in our webshop starting from € 24.50, if desired in combination with an exam.

You can also opt for a:

  • B-VCA book in English, Polish, Ukrainian, and Arabic.
  • VOL VCA book in English.
  • VIL VCU book only in Dutch.

If you order more than ten books in one order, you qualify for a volume discount. Contact us for more information.

Digital diploma and card

After the exam, each customer automatically receives an email with the result and a download link for the digital diploma and card. Customers using MijnPontifex can also download the digital diplomas and cards themselves from the portal.

Candidates can download the digital card themselves via, so the card can be stored on their mobile phone.

If the candidate passed a VCA or SOG exam, he will also be registered in the Central Diploma Register.

If you want to receive a hardcopy diploma and card, place your order on our website.


You need to identify yourself before and during the exam with a physical ID that is valid on the day of the exam. If you can’t show a valid ID, you won’t be allowed to take the exam.

A valid ID:

  • Must be valid on the exam date;
  • Must not be damaged at the security features;
  • Must contain a passport photo.

Accepted IDs:

  • Passport;
  • Dutch ID;
  • ID card from an EEA country;
  • Dutch alien document;
  • A driver’s license issued by a government agency within the EEA countries, with a passport photo.
  • Travel documents recognized by PRADO, whose authenticity has been established. Note: If the candidate wants to identify with a travel document that is valid according to PRADO but is not listed among the options above, they must email a color copy of the document to for approval no later than two working days before the exam date. If Pontifex Certification approves after checking, the physical document will also be checked again by the exam supervisor before the exam begins.

The following documents are not accepted:

  • Random cards and passes;
  • A driver’s license from outside the EEA countries;
  • An ID card from outside the EEA countries;
  • An expired ID, passport, or driver’s license;
  • A copy of a passport, ID card, driver’s license, or alien document;
  • Alien document issued in a country other than the Netherlands.

Note: Candidates in detention centers who do not have an ID as described above must identify themselves with a (detention) statement with a (recent and similar) photo of the candidate.

The only thing you need to bring to the exam is an ID that is valid on the exam date. You need your ID for the identity check before the exam, and during the exam, it should also be on the corner of the table. You are not allowed to have coats, bags, headgear, phones, or any other communication, audio, or video recording equipment during the exam. You must store them away neatly or hand them over to the exam supervisor beforehand.

You can cancel the exam by email ( or phone (+31 (0)85 – 487 15 70). Up to 24 hours before the start time, the exam can be canceled or rescheduled free of charge. Beyond this deadline, charges will apply.

Yes, you can. You can submit a request to us. A date and time for the review will be arranged in consultation with SSVV and you. The exam review always takes place at eX:plain in Amersfoort. Taking notes is not allowed. There are no costs associated with the exam review. Only requests for review submitted within 6 weeks after the exam date will be processed. Requests from candidates who have passed the exam will not be honored.

You can request a change of your details by email. We may ask for a copy of your ID to verify the change. We do not keep this. We provide an updated digital diploma and card for free. If you want to change a hardcopy diploma and plastic card, you or your employer/trainer (depending on who received the diploma) will receive a letter asking to check the details and report any changes to us within 14 days. In that case, we provide a new hardcopy certificate and plastic card free of charge. If you request changes after 14 days, we’ll help you with a new hardcopy certificate and plastic card, but we will charge a fee for it (€20.00 per diploma and/or card). We’ll also ensure your details are correctly updated in the Central Diploma Register.

You can request a hardcopy diploma and/or plastic card here. This is only possible if you actually obtained your diploma from Pontifex Certification. Additionally, you’re always registered in the Central Diploma Register. You can download your digital VCA card yourself via or request your digital diploma/card for free by email.